Hello Everyone!

Welcome to my Buildabearville Blog!

My name is Cheryl. My buildabearville name is CherylSmiley14! This is my first day of exploring Word Press. And so far, I love it! I hope you do too!

I have some rules for my blog  just to keep it safe.

Rules For Cheryl’s Blog:

  • No cursing or foul language.
  • No giving out your cell, work, or home phone number.
  • No posting your real name. Screen names only.
  • Do NOT post any personal information like your address or zip code.
  • No posting inappropriate videos, pictures, etc.
  • Do not post your email address.
  • Absolutely NO insulting or hurting the feelings of other players, otherwise known as cyberbullying.
  • No giving out the addresses, zip codes, etc. of others.

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions,  ideas for me, or you just want to say hi, leave them on my page!

Or…….. you can email me at my very own Buildabearville email address! Which is,


Come back as much as you can to see what’s new and improved on my page! Thanks for stopping by!




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