Updates, updates, updates!

19 03 2011

Hey guys. Happy LATE St. Patty’s day! 🙂 I wish I was Irish, haha. 😉

I haven’t been on my blog for a while, so there’s sorta a lot of updates, so I’m going to try and squeeze them all into one post.

First things first, today Daisy Bunny and Swirly Lamb will be available at your local BAB Workshop! Visit them at the FARM for a free gift!

HUGE glitch, haha. In the Bearville Times it says Neighborhood, but in the picture AND on Build-A-Bearville it’s at the Farm. 😉

You get the same ole’ Easter gift from last year.. bummer.


Also, starting today, whenever you go to your local BAB Workshop and make a purchase of $20 or more….you get a free Easter basket!

The votes are in! The winning design for Maxine’s new cub condo is.. AlanaTeddyBear3’s! Cubgratulations, Alana. 😉 If you see her on BABV, be sure to say cubgrats. 😉

Have fun on Bearville! 😀


Four Leaf Clover Quest!!!

6 03 2011

Hey Build-A-Bearvillerz!

Cheryl here to help you out on the new Four Leaf Clover quest!

You can find Four Leaf Clover bear in the Neighborhood!

When you click on him, this message should pop up.

Click yes. He wishes you some good luck of the irish, and your off! 😉

The first four leaf clover is located at the Friendship Forest Park!

I just noticed after each clover you find, he wishes you s’more good luck, hahaha. 😉

The second four leaf clover is located at….the Entrance!

The third four leaf clover is located at the Pawsitively Green Center!

The fourth four leaf clover is located outside Maxine Clark’s cub condo!

Clicked it before I got a shot, hahaha. 😉

The fifth and final four leaf clover is at…Town Square!

Then you get this cool, irish hat! 😀

I’m sorta dissapointed though, because you can just purchase it in Pawlette Coufur’s Boutique for a 100-some Bear Bills.. but hey, that saves me like 200 Bear Bills, haha. 😉

Green Tracks and MiguelSunshine

6 03 2011

Okay, well Miguel and Green Tracks were on..


They were on the den Pawsome at the Sunshine Shores Marina. There were about forty people, and I couldn’t see him! Awh well.. better luck next time. 😉

Carrielynnes World

6 03 2011

Well, there is this website appropriately named “carrielynnesworld.com” which has these cool lil’ graphics of ‘plops’ and stuff. 🙂


Take a look.

Adopt a pixel @ CarrielynnesWorld.com!

Gaah, I love ’em. 🙂

There’s colorful ones, ice creams, limited edition.. their so cute. 🙂

Go check it out, yo. 😉

I’m getting a fish

6 03 2011

Woo! 😀

I’m going to get a male and female betta fish. Though, I don’t know what I’m gonna name ’em.

Here are my thoughts so far. 🙂

  • Salt and Pepper
  • Jack and Jill
  • Bob and Bobette
  • Mr. Fish and Mrs. Fish
  • Apple and Dell
  • Tim and Jojo
  • Patrick and Sandy

I’m not good at naming, hahaha. 😉

March Fountain Items!

6 03 2011

Check it out. 🙂


My favorite is the duck feet. 🙂

New Page! :D

5 03 2011

Whee! I just added a new page to my blog! 😀 It’s called “Chat.”

It’s a chat box, where you can chat to whose ever on my page! 😀

Check it out!  🙂