Countdown until unlimitied Furtastic Fountain play!

5 03 2011

Can’t wait! How about you? 😀


SmallFry Quest!

5 03 2011

Hey guys. There’s a new quest in Furbulous Fashion District. Check it out. 🙂

First, go to Furbulous Fashion District and click the poodle and dog SmallFrys.

This message should pop up.

Select yes.

As you can see, you will be looking for a pink, furry hat in several different places.

The first hat is found in Skate Park Square, located near the pool.

The second hat proudly stands next to the “Love Hugs Peace” statue in Bear University!

The third hat is at Sportsplex, right next to the building.

The fourth hat is in Pawlette Coufur’s Boutique…one more to go!

Last but not least, the fifth hat is in the meadow!

(I accidently clicked the hat before I could take a quick picture, you’ll see it though! :))

Afterward, you get a pink, furry hat! Which is also an old fountain item from 2008. Check it out! 😀

Voila! Doesn’t this hat make me look purty? 🙂

Enjoy your beary exclusive item!

Marlo Thomas comes to Bearville!

5 03 2011

Marlo Thomas is now on the Chloe Show until March 17th. Check it out. 😀

After the show, you get this beary exclusive move called celebration move!

(check out my awesome duck feet, haha)


Check your moves! 🙂

Happy Bearthday Maxine!

5 03 2011

Happy Bearthday Maxine!

Let’s help celebearate!

March 1-6th:

Go to Maxine’s cub condo (located on the map) and you get a free cupcake!

In Maxine’s cub condo, click on the table with the computer and chair to vote for Maxine’s new cub condo!

After you vote, you get a painter’s pallete! Check it out! 🙂

March 6th

Play Furtastic Fountain all day for as long as you want and get some cool items!

Welcome to my blog!

5 03 2011

Hello. Welcome to my blog. This blog will be about Build-a-Bearville cheats, walkthroughs, codes, etc. My Build-a-Bearville username is CherylSmiley14. I don’t have any bears yet, but I’m going to buy one soon. 🙂

My blog will be updating constantly, so check back soon!